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Education – Our Know Your Rights Workshops empower the Muslim community by educating them about legal issues and their legal rights and responsibilities as American Muslims.

We work to educate the public and public officials on issues that impact the Muslim community. We organize conferences and training seminars for businesses, government and law enforcement agencies, media professionals and the academic community to highlight relevant Islamic practices and to discuss community issues. We also provide sensitivity and diversity training workshops to employers, educators and organizations.

Outreach & Volunteerism – We develop outreach activities with interfaith groups and organizations and work on joint community service projects that build a sense of community and friendship

We work tirelessly to protect and defend the constitutional rights of American Muslims, thereby supporting the rights of all Americans.  Our experienced attorneys provide free or low-cost legal representation for Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslim, who have experienced religious discrimination.  We frequently take cases involving employment discrimination, public accommodation, racial or ethnic profiling, hate crimes, and interaction with FBI and/or law enforcement agencies.

CAIR-Columbus Hosts Mosque Safety and Women’s Self-Defense Trainings

From Thursday, November 30 through Saturday, December 2, the Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) organized two crisis response trainings and three women’s self-defense trainings. The trainings, which were attended by 200 people over the three-day period, were conducted by Nezar Hamze, the Deputy Director of CAIR-Florida.

Hamze covered a wide array of topics including how to use self-defense weapons, such as pepper spray, and during the women’s self-defense trainings, taught participants hand-to-hand self-defense tactics. More

CAIR-Columbus Volunteers Distribute Gift Cards to Families in Need

(COLUMBUS, OHIO, 12/13/17) – Today, CAIR-Columbus’ Feeding Families Project volunteers distributed holiday gift cards to the residents and staff at the YWCA Family Shelter. The Feeding Families Project volunteers have been providing meals at the shelter on the second Friday of each month since the shelter opened in 2005.

For the past few years, CAIR-Columbus volunteers have also sought donations for gift cards around the holidays in an effort to bring some extra cheer to the families at the shelter.

“This year, especially with all the negativity in the media, we really wanted to make an effort to show the positive side of the Muslim community, the importance of charity in our religion, and to emphasize that we care about everyone in need regardless of religion or background,” said CAIR-Columbus Executive Director Jennifer Nimer. “We truly hope this small act of kindness will not only help these families through the holidays, but also let them know that their Muslim neighbors and friends care about them. We also included the staff because we see how hard they work and how much they truly care about the residents at the shelter.” More

CAIR-Columbus Helps Iraqi-Americans Become Citizens After Years of Delay

(COLUMBUS, OHIO, 11/21/2017) — The Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Columbus) announced today it has successfully resolved another citizenship delay lawsuit.

The suit, filed in Federal court for the Southern District of Ohio, was on behalf of two Iraqi green card holders who had been waiting for decisions on their naturalization applications for over two and a half years.  The applicants, a husband and wife, had no criminal history and no reason was given by USCIS for the extreme delay in adjudication.  Until the lawsuit was filed, USCIS failed to even schedule interviews for the couple, despite their repeated inquiries into the nature of the delay. More

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