A bill now in the Ohio House would repeal the right of discrimination and retaliation victims to file civil suit against supervisors who unlawfully harass, discriminate or retaliate against them. This will have an impact on victims of many types of discrimination, including Muslims who suffer from discrimination based on religion or national origin.

Tell your House Representative to VOTE NO on House Bill 2. It would repeal decades of Ohio law holding companies and their managers responsible for the costs of their unlawful discrimination and retaliation.


  • CALL YOUR HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE and tell him or her to Vote No on HB 2. Go to, plug your zip code into Member Search and call or email your House Representative with a simple message:
    • “Vote No for HB 2. Do not repeal the right of Ohio Workers to hold supervisors accountable for their discriminatory conduct.”
  • Finally, CALL AND EMAIL OHIO HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE RON YOUNG with the same message.  He is the Chair of the Committee hearing testimony on HB 2. His number is (614) 644-6074 and his email is

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