Become a Champion of Justice – join CAIR-Columbus today!


President Trump has advocated for a Muslim Registry.  We beat him to it.  In the face of attempted Muslim bans and other proposed discriminatory policies, you can show your solidarity with the Muslim community by becoming a member of CAIR today.

Whether you are a fellow Muslim, interfaith friend, a civil rights activist – or all of the above –  joining our “Muslim Registry” is a direct act of defiance against the bigotry and oppression demonstrated by the current administration. If the Muslim community is denied their basic Constitutional and human rights, then none of us are truly free.

Your membership is not only an act of solidarity, but will also help sustain our pro bono legal services, vital education programs, media and interfaith work, and community service activities.

Individual memberships are $20.00 per year. Upon submission of your membership form and payment, you will immediately receive a welcome email, and your membership materials will be sent to you by mail soon after, including your exclusive Muslim Registry t-shirt.

Your membership highlights the best of what humanity will do to oppose the worst of what humanity is capable of. On behalf of CAIR-Columbus and the entire Muslim community, we thank you for your support and solidarity!

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