June 24th, 2017 | Jennifer Nimer

Fore more detailed information, download a copy of our Mosque & Community Safety Guide

1) Install perimeter floodlights and video cameras outside the mosque.

2) Install fire and burglar alarm systems.

3) Replace hollow core doors with more secure solid wood or sheet metal faced doors.

4) Trim shrubs and vines to reduce areas of concealment for criminals.

5) Join a neighborhood watch program.

6) Meet with neighbors and local law enforcement officials to discuss security.

7) Educate mosque workers or volunteers about dealing with phone threats and bomb searches. Have written instructions for when threats occur. (Available from CAIR.)

8) Call authorities about any suspicious package or letter received by mail. DO NOT touch the object.

9) Document descriptions of suspicious people or vehicles noticed near the mosque.

10) Make duplicates of all important papers, computer disks and records in the mosque, and store them elsewhere.

11) Remove potential fire hazards, such as trash and debris, from mosque grounds.

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