On Thursday, May 11 at Capital University Law School from 6-8pm join CAIR-Columbus, the ACLU of Ohio, Ohio Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, and the American Constitution Society – Columbus Lawyer Chapter for this timely CLE program. (Two hours of CLE credit pending approval from Supreme Court of Ohio.) Featuring Romin Iqbal, Jennifer Nimer, and Amna Akbar.

Surveillance and scrutiny of American Muslim communities have been a core aspect of policing since for the last 15 years. Since Trump’s election, this surveillance and scrutiny has reached new heights: Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his Muslim Bans 1.0 and 2.0, underline the popular tolerance and support for anti-Muslim prejudice that have become part of our national culture. From home to the border, Muslim communities face ongoing and intense scrutiny from law enforcement officials. Mosques are filled with informants. Muslims are pressured into sharing information about the trivial details about other Muslims with the government. People are stoppedat the border, turned away, and subject to lots of questioning.

What can lawyers do? In this two hour CLE, lawyers will provide an overview of the legal tools that create the federal government’s approach to national security surveillance and scrutiny. They will train participants on how lawyers can meaningfully represent Muslim communities in the face of law enforcement questioning. They will explain how best to advise communities as to the current state of the Muslim ban.



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