CAIR-Columbus & Local Clergy Denounce Trump’s New Executive Order (Video)

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — On Thursday, March 7th, a prominent group of interfaith clergy and community leaders gathered at Trinity Episcopal Church to condemn President Trump’s executive order banning the entry of immigrants and visitors from Muslim-majority countries, as well as refugees.

Clergy and community leaders called on President Trump to immediately repeal this executive order and protect religious freedom. Our nation was founded to be a beacon of hope and freedom for people fleeing violence and persecution.

Jennifer Nimer, Executive Director, CAIR-Ohio:
“The changes that they made were basically changes that they had to make because they were backed into a corner because of the various lawsuits that were filed….There continues to be no rational basis. Last week, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report specifically undermining the supposed basis for this.”

Horsed Nooh, Director, Somali Islamic Centers of Ohio:
“America put a smile on my face when I finally reunited with my mom after ten years of separation. I remember how much I cried. But today we are putting tears on mothers’ faces because we are separating a mother from her five year-old.”

Rev. Dr. Tim Ahrens, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church:
“The Muslim and refugee ban introduced yesterday is just a different route to the destination of discrimination. It is immoral. It is unconstitutional. It was unconstitutional before, and it will be proven unconstitutional again. Faith leaders are not fooled.”

Rabbi Misha Zinkow, Senior Rabbi, Temple Israel
“This executive order hides behind a cloak of national security. It’s not about national security. It’s about baseless fear. Jews and Muslims, refugees and immigrants, we are all the children of Abraham and Sarah, and we must stand up together to call out Islamophobia and bigotry in America and to actively welcome refugees of all faiths and national origins.”



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