In this month of generosity and charity, we hope that you will donate to sustain and grow CAIR's work.  Your gift of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, or any amount will be used directly to safeguard the liberties of Muslims and other Americans.

Since Trump was inaugurated, CAIR-Columbus has worked hard to protect your rights:

Conducted more than 76 Know Your Rights Workshops, presentations, meetings, and other programs to educate and empower our community members

Filed over a dozen new lawsuits to protect Muslim civil rights

Amplified our concerns and educated the public on important issues such as the Muslim Ban

Launched an Asylum Project to provide free asylum applications

Hired a full-time Legislative & Outreach Coordinator to increase community civic engagement

Organized a delegation of local Muslims to go to Washington, DC to meet with our members of Congress to convey issues of concern to the Muslim & immigrant communities

Every day we stand up to individual Islamophobes, the FBI, government agencies, and powerful corporations - any person or group who targets any of our community members just because they're Muslim.

Challenging Islamophobia and the efforts to marginalize the Muslim community is a long-term battle that we cannot afford to lose focus from.

We are proud to be 100% community funded and need your support today! Your donation is both zakat-eligible and tax deductible.   Please donate generously today to help us protect and empower Muslims and all Americans in this quest for justice.


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